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University Of Abuja Exam Period


University of Abuja Finally Commence examination.

university of abuja
University of Abuja commence examination

The university of Abuja has been on examination since the 22nd of February 2021 the institution who had recently postponed her examination few weeks ago has finally commence examination exercise.

Following the recent student protest that happen on the day of resumption early this February, the students protest was to simply meet some four demands which one of them include postponement of examination ahead of reopening of school portal for school fee payment purposes.

Following the postponement the institution has finally commence full academic activities including the fact that examination is currently going on in the institution University of Abuja.

Wishing all the university of Abuja students all the best on the on going examination, students should kindly abide by school rules and regulations during examinations and to observe the covid19 rules.

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