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Illegal Groups On Campus: Outcome Of A Closed Door Meeting Held With The VC; University Of Abuja

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    • JCC Chairman, SUG president University of Abuja, with some members of SUG parliament and some comrades held a closed door meeting to address the issues of illegal groups on the campus parading under the auspices of the Student Union Government (SUG).
      This said groups, which includes: G6, INTEGRITY, etc..are controlled by external bodies with an active collaboration of some internal members of the SUG, who were elected to some offices.
      And they are now spreading tentacles to infiltrate the faculties by specializing in influencing students’ politics, creating division amongst students and in some cases using the avenue to destabilize the system for their own personal gains.

      More worrisome, is the fact that some staff are finding it convenient to be patrons of these groups.

      We therefore wish to make the following declarations.

      1. That from today Wednesday 23rd October, 2019. G6, INTEGRITY and their likes are hereby BANNED on all our campus (University Of Abuja ).

      2. All the activities of the group, are hereby prohibited on all our campuses (University Of Abuja).

      3. By this declarations, anybody (Students or Staff) who claims membership of this groups, or attend it’s meeting or any of it’s activities or patronize the groups and their activities in any way, ( directly or indirectly) will face the wrath of the law.

      We therefore, implore all students and staff to continue with their lawful activities on the campus. And report any Unsafe activities around you.

      Thank you.
      Management University Of Abuja.

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