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‘I’m Pregnant For My Brother, Lost My Virginity To Him 10 Years Ago’ – Lady Confesses

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    • Romance

      A woman has narrated how she lost her virginity to her brother about 10 years ago, continued dating him and is now pregnant for him.

      The story sent to a radio station revealed that the woman intentionally got pregnant for her brother.

      The lady claims her relationship with her brother started 10 years ago when she was 16 and her brother was 18 and their parents had traveled. She claims he had sex with her in the shower and defiled her before they promised each other they would never date anyone else except each other.

      She claims they continued to have sex without their parent’s knowledge for 10 years now. Now, their parents are pressuring them to bring a partner home as they both work in very good places but she always found it annoying until recently, her brother brought a girl to meet their parents.

      She got very furious about it and he tried calming her down, saying they cannot do this forever.

      On hearing this, she decided to intentionally get pregnant for him so that nobody else can have him as she felt betrayed after he brought another girl home.

      She is now seeking advise because she is 6 weeks pregnant for him.

      “I have been dating my biological brother for 10 years, now I’m pregnant for him and I dont know what to do” – what advice do you have for this lady?

      — Laila Ijeoma | (@LailaIjeoma) October 9, 2019 

      Watch video below:
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