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My Husband Told Me He Wants A Girlfriend – Woman Cries Out

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    • woman

      My Husband Told Me He Wants A Girlfriend – Woman Cries Out

      A heartbroken woman has cried out for help as her husband just opened up to her he would want their marriage to be an open one as he craves to have a girlfriend.

      The anonymous woman said she couldn’t believe it when her husband randomly suggested the idea in the middle of lockdown and she asked him if it was “lockdown craziness talking”.

      However, it turns out he had wanted to bring the idea up for months before the start of lockdown.

      His idea was to rent a second flat where he could stay and see his “girlfriends” during the week and on the weekends he would return home to be with his family.

      The heartbroken mum according to The Mirror said that she had no other choice than to continue living with him, and doesn’t know what to do.

      He explained that as part of their agreement he would “not form emotional connections” and would “prioritise”his wife and children.

      And, that she had permission to go and see other men, but wasn’t allowed to sleep with them.

      She felt broken about the situation. In her words:

      “I am gobsmacked. I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach. I asked him if this was lockdown craziness talking and he told me that he had been wanting to bring this up for a few months. I cannot believe it. I don’t know whether to cry and feel completely devastated or if I should seriously consider what he is offering. I’m all over the place”.

      Many people have advised that she break-up or divorce the man.

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