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Professor Na’Allah, UNIABUJA VC Speaks On The Challenges Facing The University

UofA Lodge – uniabuja portal, news and general news, JAMB, POST-UTME, admissions Forums General/campus news Professor Na’Allah, UNIABUJA VC Speaks On The Challenges Facing The University

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    • University of Abuja vice Chancellor; professor Abdul-Rasheed Na’allah speaks on land encroachment and many other challenges facing the university.

      On the land encroachment: He stated that it has been a long-standing problem facing the school as some natives are still bent on claiming the university land, and some will collude with natives to have some portion of the land sold to them. whilst the natives; stating that the government has yet to compensate them enough.

      On his statement of some colluding with natives, he pointed out that even his staff members cannot be ruled out, while referencing that “Charity begins at home”, and his staffs might just be involved. But, he assured that efforts are been carried out to get the culprits.

      On herders grazing with their cattle; He stated that those are not the major challenge of the school, but those occupying the university land. “They occupy these places and whenever we want to do anything, the first thing they tell us is that they cannot go, and sometimes it leads to clashes with them. In fact, we cannot put up a building except we compensate them; we give them money and many of them put different economic trees intentionally not because they really want those trees to do anything for them, but because they want to collect money whenever the university is expanding and it is trying to do anything on its own land. They are our real problem”.

      He further spoke on the challenges of accreditation of some courses; While stating that’ He is grateful to God that today, he can boldly say that there is no programme that is not accredited, except for one or two. And it is not that they are not accredited, they are just awaiting accreditation. In fact, virtually all our programmes are accredited from Medicine, Engineering, Law, Humanities to Arts, and everything else. I know that we are re-examining our situation with Computer Science and there is one other programme that is going to face accreditation very soon. It is supposed to be this November but given the COVID-19 situation, we are working with the NUC to see exactly when the accreditation visit will take place. We are a totally new university; we are not that university where accreditation doesn’t happen. In fact, the last time they visited us, we achieved like 99 per cent success. The truth is that we are a university that is meeting the aspirations of our nation; we are moving to a level at which our students are confident, our staff members are confident and the nation is confident.

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